At La Jolla Mold Testing, once we have detected the source problem of the mold, we will sit down and give you valuable information on the dangers of mold and what your next step  should be to correct it.  We will be more than happy to help you find a mold removal service that will work best for you.  It is critical that you turn to professionals who are highly experienced and educated in the detection of mold very quickly.  As homeowners and former allergen sufferers, we fully understand the impact mold may have on a home and family.  We also know a mold inspection service will be the first step for getting your home back to normal while protecting you and your family from critical illnesses.

How Mold Can Affect Your Home

Once mold has found its way into your home, there are many problems that may occur.  You could suffer from dangerous health issues and cause serious damage to your home:

  • Sinus & Nasal Congestion
  • Eye & Skin Irritations
  • Upper Respiratory Problem
  • Foul Orders
  • Erosion to Your Home's Foundation
  • Polluted Air Quality

Whether you think you have a mold problem or not, it's imperative you contact a mold inspection professional to check it out.  Mold is extremely dangerous for small children, elderly people, anyone with asthma, and those with a weakened immune system.

Our highly-trained experts at La Jolla will provide you with our highly specialized service.  Our thorough inspections will find the source of the mold and provide you with effective and efficient suggestions for removal that you should adhere to.

Mold Inspection in La Jolla

Why Mold Inspections Are So Very Important

Your home is the largest and most important investment you will probably have in your lifetime.  We  recommend doing absolutely everything you can to protect it.  Having preventative methods in place to protect your home, appliances, and property is a lot more practical than waiting for a disaster to hit. Not only are mold inspections important for the appearance and health of your home, it's critical for your health and the health of your family.  Once you understand what mold is and its potential for serious damage, you will realize how dangerous it would be to leave it unchecked.  At La Jolla, we are not only highly trained but have a great deal of experience in the field of mold testing.  We strongly urge you have scheduled inspections for your home on a regular basis to ensure mold will not enter into your lives.  Regular inspections will detect even the smallest amount of mold so it can be treated very quickly.

Why Professional Inspections Are Important

If your home must be inspected for mold, it's extremely advisable that you hire an expert in the field to take care of it.  Professional mold inspectors know exactly what to look for, where to check for mold and the very best way to have it properly removed.  At La Jolla Mold Testing, we put our customers first and value their protection and safety.  We provide the most thorough, high-quality mold inspections available to ensure your home is in the best shape all the time.  Whether you want to schedule an inspection on a regular basis or believe you might have a mold problem, give us a call!  We will come out to your location in a very timely manner and perform a complete and thorough inspection.